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UCSF Symposium at Berkeley: “Medicare-for-All: How to Do it Right” – Videos and ppt

February 10, 2020

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UCSF Institute for Global Health Sciences
UC Berkeley, January 24, 2020

In this colloquium, we gather leaders in Medicare-for-All design from the U.S. along with international health system experts. The discussion will review current plans in Congress and from candidates, and will highlight the best approaches and trickiest issues in implementing Medicare-for-All.

Program and Speakers:

Videos: (2020 GHEcon) Medicare for All: How to Do it Right
(Use the program to determine precisely the speakers in each of the twelve videos.)

PowerPoint for each speaker (not in order of presentation – correlate with program):


By Don McCanne, M.D.

For those who were unable to attend this superb conference, these videos and slides can fill you in on what transpired. Now that the single payer model of Medicare for All is being seriously considered as the ideal model for reform in the United States, it is helpful to receive input from these noted national and international experts in health system reform, even if not the final word on reform.

When you have the urge to kick back and watch television, but there isn’t much worthwhile to watch at the moment, you can spoon feed yourself these presentations, and then feel good about using your relaxing time gainfully.

Let’s keep moving the process forward.

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About the Commentator, Don McCanne

Don McCanne is a retired family practitioner who dedicated the 2nd phase of his career to speaking and writing extensively on single payer and related issues. He served as Physicians for a National Health Program president in 2002 and 2003, then as Senior Health Policy Fellow. For two decades, Don wrote "Quote of the Day", a daily health policy update which inspired HJM.

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