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Protect Medicare, Promote Medicare for All

March 30, 2022

Summary: This week, two major efforts are working in parallel to advance health care justice — fighting against the private corporate takeover of traditional Medicare, and promoting legislation to create an improved Medicare for All. Please check out both!

Protect Medicare (new website from PNHP)
The Medicare REACH program puts middlemen between patients and the care they need. This threatens the future of Traditional Medicare as an effective, efficient, and truly public health care

Medicare for All Congressional Caucus Briefing (NNU)
** TODAY ** 2 pm Eastern / 11 am Pacific
(plus available for later viewing)
The briefing will explore the multiple mechanisms through which private entities are profiteering in our current health system and how Medicare for All would stop it. Our featured speaker, NNU President Zenei Triunfo-Cortez, RN, will also discuss how health care executives make immense profits from patient sickness and more.

Examining Pathways to Universal Health Coverage (House Oversight Committee)
From yesterday. Extensive hearings, many witnesses (4 h)

Congressional Progressive Caucus Celebrates Medicare for All Hearing

Today, on the occasion of the first hearing on universal health care coverage in the 117th Congress, the Congressional Progressive Caucus celebrated this historic moment for the Medicare For All movement.

The Congressional Progressive Caucus has long championed health care as a right, not a privilege, with a history of members introducing single-payer legislation. Today’s Medicare For All Act, introduced by CPC chair Representative Pramila Jayapal (WA-07) and Representative Debbie Dingell (MI-12) in both the 116th and 117th Congress, is the most comprehensive Medicare for All bill yet, providing a clear roadmap to achieving single-payer healthcare. It is co-sponsored by 120 members of Congress in the House; similar legislation was introduced in the Senate last Congress by CPC co-founder Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Comment by: Jim Kahn

We must pursue a two-pronged strategy for justice in health care financing.

Most immediately, fight the corporate transformation of traditional Medicare. Read about it in HJM here. PNHP has been spearheading a huge and growing effort, and just launched a new website. Go to it (link above) and contribute to this cause however you can.

Of course, we must also keep proposing Medicare for All, and our progressive leaders in Congress just submitted a bill. Although with 120 co-sponsors, we don’t yet have enough for passage, the number is growing over time. Stay informed and involved.

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