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Protests for Gun Safety … & Health Care Justice

Following another mass school shooting, a prominent GOP former governor calls for ongoing protests in the street to force real change. It worked in the Civil Rights Movement, and it can again. Let’s demand gun safety … and, while we’re out there, health care justice via Medicare for All.

March 29, 2023

Interview of former Gov. John Kasich (R, Ohio) after tragic school shooting in Nashville
March 28, 2023
Andrea Mitchell Reports

If Americans don’t protest gun violence, politicians will continue to ‘look the other way’

Gov. Kasich:

Until people go into the streets and protest, we’re not going to see changes. In my state, had I been able to get five thousand, ten thousand people on the lawns of the state house, politicians would have passed what we wanted. I couldn’t get them mobilized. I was reading this morning about the Montgomery bus boycott. You realize that took over one year for the Supreme Court ultimately to act to end discrimination on transportation. If you don’t have the people rising up, like they did with civil rights, like they did to end the Vietnam war, if you don’t have that, the politicians are going to keep passing the buck. They’re going to listen to one group of people, and, frankly, if in fact we can have the kind of massive outpourings that we have seen in this country consistent about saving our children at this point and so many other tragic accidents then you put the real pressure on the politicians to do things that we all know that we can do while still preserving the right of the second amendment. Things can be done that can provide a safer environment for all of us in this country and most particularly our children. Without the protest, Andrea, I think we’re going to keep doing… 19 incidents, 19 incidents in school shootings this year! This is sick! I heard the lady talking about all the people she visited, God bless her, she along with all of the other people who have experienced this tragedy personally has to figure out a way to mobilize all of us to stand up and say. “Enough!”

Now what I said about those women down in Montgomery, they just kept marching. They just kept doing everything they could, and that’s what it’s going to take here. If we don’t have people to begin to get into the streets and say, “Enough of this!”… the women who were so worried about all the children… the men who say this is my family… we all have to mobilize. Without it, the politicians are going to look the other way. And it’s not going to happen in a week or two. It has to be ongoing in order to get this changed. That’s my opinion on it because I sat there trying to get things done, and I was frustrated the whole time. I did what I could with executive orders, as the president has done, but there’s a limit to it. We have to get legislative action with common sense proposals that can really make a difference.

Comment by: Don McCanne

Now that guns have replaced auto accidents as the number one cause of deaths in children, isn’t it about time we really did something about it? We haven’t acted, with Democrats blaming Republicans for inaction and Republicans blaming Democrats for attacking their second amendment rights. But here we have one of the more prominent Republicans in the nation saying , “Enough!”

Mr. Kasich makes it clear that we cannot expect a responsible response to these tragedies from the politicians, as our nation’s political history has demonstrated. But he has much more faith in us, the people. All we have to do is to go into the streets, in mass, and protest. We need to march, and keep on marching. The politicians who are looking the other way will no longer be able to do so if we stay in their faces.

Our children….
    are being slaughtered by gun violence….
    and the politicians have failed us
To the streets everyone!

But wait….

We are spending more on health care than any other nation, yet we tolerate more suffering in children and others through mediocrity in health care and through the profound prevalence of poverty. While we’re demonstrating against violence in our children, shouldn’t we be simultaneously protesting this form of violence as well, violence that is quantitatively much greater and often just as tragic.

Yes. To the streets….  “No More Guns” at the top of our placards, but “Health Care Justice for All” below that.


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