Single Payer is Free Love

Comment by: Jim Kahn

Let me explain today’s title. It’s not what some of you Boomers who remember the 1960s and 1970s might think.

Providing access to health care with no financial barriers is love — of fellow human beings.

Single payer saves money by eliminating profits and administrative waste. Thus, it’s free, even with added services like long-term care.

Ergo, single payer is free love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

One reply on “Single Payer is Free Love”

true and single payor MediCURE FOR ALL quickly shifts trillions from wasteful healthcare spending to communities building sustainables and others who need it more than ever –

The above is more completely assured using the 7-pronged mostly DIY attack on COVID and most other diseases.

Soonafter we can employ Partners and Protocols Promoting Perfectly Preventative Perpetual Panaceas as the framework for greater healthcare quality and justice.

MLK said that US Healthcare is the most inhumane forms of injustice (non-LOVE?) but at other times he used the term inhuman.

a good primer is shown at the upper link at

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