Can’t we try harder to find common ground?

Dana Harbor, California
Jan 11, 2022
Can’t we try harder to find common ground?
By Don McCanne

Sandy and I went down to Dana Harbor late this afternoon for our daily walk, my preferred form of rehabilitation since my recent neurological events. As Sandy and I were getting out of our car a very nice gentleman next to us was loading his dog into his SUV as we exchanged the usual pleasantries.

He happened to look down at his cell phone and expressed exasperation at the message that Gov. Newsom wanted to extend health care to all undocumented Californians. Recognizing that we likely had political differences, in a non-challenging tone of voice I said, “You’d better be careful since I’m a supporter of health care reform.”

He said, “Oh, I am too. We definitely need to finance their health care. It’s just that the governor should not allow such loose borders. I’m a supporter of health care for everyone. Have you seen the homeless on the streets of Los Angeles? We need to be taking care of them.”

As he left, with a smile on his face, he said, “I might be for Trump, but I’m not crazy.”

As Sandy and I walked along Dana Point Harbor Island, I thought, there must be much more common ground here.

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